Our modular shelter structures use highly reliable, standardized designs that can be used in for nearly any application. 

Systematic, Sturdy, Simple

Our roof and wall structures use a locking system to attach to an ISO container, reducing the number of components required and the time needed to build a shelter. This allows for compact storage with minimal inventory requirements. 

Our structures are engineered and designed to meet local building requirements and consist of galvanized steel with an aluminum exoskeletal framework. This framework allows for wall and roof panels to be effortlessly slid into place.

Safe and Easy to Store, Transport, and Build

One major advantage to choosing CTS is that one single shipping container supports this entire robust system, and all components are manageable by hand. The fastening system consists of scaffolding wedge-lock technology, which has been used in the scaffolding industry for generations.

All the components of the CTS shelter system fit within one shipping container, which makes transporting these structures easy and cost effective and minimizes the risk of losing pieces.

Multiple Products and Configurations

Our structures can be configured in a number of ways and can be transported to just about anywhere in the world. Take a look below at some of the typical products configurations.

Need a specific type of modular shelter? Contact Us to learn about our custom solutions.